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May Quilting

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I have been obsessed with quilts for a while now…  But I recently started my first patchwork quilt, sewing it all by hand, which might have been an odd choice – but it allows me to watch movies/TV shows at the same time so….

During my time working on my 2011 ArtPrize Project “PatchWork” — a curated mending as art collection, I was doing a lot of research on the history of mending and patchwork, and some of the best and most intriguing documentation I found was on Quilting.


Here are a couple of books I recommend on the subject.


Quilt by Ella Mae Irby, 1923-2001.

The tradition of quilting is uniquely important among needle crafts. We are born in quilts and we die in quilts, they provide warmth, comfort, and safety thoughout our lives.

I was invited to be a part of the Shared Space Studio summer artist residency by the contemporary quilt and textile artist is Eliza Fernand. Checkout her work in her current Kickstarter project.

I am really looking forward to collaborating with her!


Another quilter I am really into right now is Maura Grace Ambrose and her brand Folk Fibers. Each of her quilts is stitched by hand and she dyes a lot of her fabric herself, using homegrown and foraged plants.

Front-Page-Scrap-Flag-Quilt_grandeQuilt by Maura Grace Ambrose.

For MUCH more quilt inspiration checkout my Pinterest board Quiltz.