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LampLight Music Festival

photo by Kevin Fein.

Last weekend my house participated in LampLight Music festival, a weekend music festival based out of 4 Eastown Homes

The Bird House ,The Hen House ,Winterfell & The Turtleden. 

Photo by John Hanson.

with over 35 bands! (both local and touring)

LampLight was the brain child of John Hanson a local photographer//videographer//musician etc, and was made possible with the help of lots of rad volunteers.

Photo by Eric Tank.

The festival brings the coziness of house shows to a whole other level by making it a 3 day event with food, music, and art.

Photo by me.

One of the things most unique about LampLight was the attention to artists, including free meals//drinks provided by a number of local businessesMaire Catrib’s, Founders , Gaia CafeRowsters. Each band got paid in accordance with how far they’d traveled to play, making it a none exploitative event.

The HenHouse along with being a venue, was in charge of putting together meals for the musicians and hospitality in general.

The music was incredible, I met a ton of new people and became closer with old friends. I danced, and enjoyed a lot of amazing food! I really hope that this becomes a yearly tradition!

Photo by me.

In short I had a blast, and LampLight could be repeated anywhere! (with some serous elbow grease that is). Don’t let cabin fever ruin your winter. Have a house show, or even a house music festival ♥

Listen to some of the bands that played.


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  1. So bummed I missed this…I will be sure to come next year. Looks like a wonderful time.

  2. good songs! hey you might like mock orange. Here is one to check out:


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