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In my early teens (14-15), I was obsessed with 1960’s counter-culture. I thought they had the best music of any decade. I’d check out documentaries on protests or Woodstock from the library. I longed for a time when people seemed to genuinely feel they could change the world — and art was the most important thing.

Obviously I had a completely idealized fantasy of the 60’s — but I felt so out-of-place in my own time…

Photo by djokibi

The Grand Rapids  alternative teen scene was PUNK, and had been for like 25 years… Although I loved the whole DIY aspect, I could never really get into the ideology, anarchy made no sense to me — still doesn’t…  They seemed to have about a thousand rules of what you could and couldn’t do, what you could and couldn’t wear.

If you could sum up the 2006-2007 GR punk scene in one word it would be NO and I am more of a YES person.

(I am speaking to my personal experience in the GR punk scene not on the culture as a whole.)

I’d basically lost any hope of finding my clan, so I decided not to think about it anymore and just got on with my life.

Pearl and I in 2007,  photo by studiobeerhorst

Watching movies, doing internships, gardening, crochet graffiti, learning to eat healthfully, dancing, starting to run, developing my own style — photography, CRAFTING, etc…

                                             Photo by Me

While I was figuring out who I was, a movement started to bubble up in the collective unconscious… Slowly people started to get passionate about organic gardening, fermented food, biking, handmade —  DIY became DIT (Do It Together.)

Photo by  Martha W McQuade

Small became the new big!

Photo by Miekewillems

People began to seek out how things were made and where they came from.

People were//are hungry for radical simplicity.

Things I was excited about were being celebrated — and I started to meet more and more people who shared my interests.

Photos by Pearl Beerhorst

I suddenly became a child of this time — and I wouldn’t trade it for any other.


About rosebeerhorst

My name is Rose Beerhorst I'm 20, I love working with my hands whether that means crafting, gardening, or cooking. I've always dreamed a little too big for my own good!

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