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Photo by me! Little Houses made by Rachel Mckay, for her //STAY// installation.

 I participated in //STAY// a group show at the DAAC, along with many close friends and family members.

//STAY// was a group show exploring why we stay, or leave a place.

Photo by Brenda Beerhorst

There was dance & performance art, along with beautiful photographs, paintings, quilts, etc.

Artists involved in //STAY//

John Hanson

Rachel Mckay

geoff holstad
sarah scott
sam snedeker
alex difiglia
marlee grace
brenda beerhorst
rick beerhorst
mae laubhan
chris cox 
sara bakker
colin mccarthy 
bjorn sparrman

Photo by Brenda Beerhorst

Photo by Eric Tank

I contributed a craft performance piece called “Stationary Transformation”  —

where I crocheted one of my rugs at the DAAC during the art opening. It was really exciting for me to let others see my process.

John Hanson set up his camera to take a pic of my progress every 40 seconds

(I worked on the rug for a little under 4 hours)

Pearl Beerhorst helped me edit it into this sweet little time-lapse!!

//STAY// rug is available in my Etsy Shop!


About rosebeerhorst

My name is Rose Beerhorst I'm 20, I love working with my hands whether that means crafting, gardening, or cooking. I've always dreamed a little too big for my own good!

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  1. Argh, that video is so very darling! I love it. Also, it shows how PHYSICAL your rug-making is. Rug-yoga! x H

  2. The video was such a great idea- I love it!

  3. Love it! Nice job, Rose!

  4. whoa! i made some miniature houses just like your friend’s. you can see them here if you want:

    its sorta spooky how close they resemble each other. my picture doesn’t have a close up detail shot of one house, but the decoration on the roofs are practical identical. do you know if they are ceramic? – its funny how we both had original thoughts but how close their physical qualities relate to one another.

    looks like a great event- with a great mixture of mediums. nice

    • Rachel’s little houses are made out of folded paper painted with bee’s wax. I just love houses they are one of my favorite images//things…. Your piece looks really cool!

  5. Beautiful! And I love the video! Have you ever thought of teaching rug making classes? I think you’d be brilliant.

  6. Brilliant! Have you ever thought of teaching a rug making class?

  7. I love that time lapse video!!! Wonderful. Does your friend sell those little houses? They are beautiful. Could you let me know?

  8. The photos of you making your rug are beautiful! I love, love, the video. It’s so perfect. It’s that feeling of being immersed in art, in a project and the world just goes on about you. Thank you!!!


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