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Your Artistic Worth

Photo by Randy P. Martin

It can be really hard to be creative. You might get  frustrated with your projects not turning out how you’d imagined them…

…or , there might be someone who you think is a lot better than you, and you just can’t stop from comparing yourself to them.

You might feel like you’re not worthy, talented, smart, or in some way just not good enough.

That is all complete bullshit.




(Do you believe that? YES  – good… if NO, – work on it…)

Artists have a hard time being objective when it comes to their own work.

At the last family art show my brother Shepherd had his drawings laid out for people to look through, after awhile he decided to throw away one he didn’t think was very good — just after he’d gotten rid of it, a young man came to the sales table to purchase his items. He ruffled through Shepherd’s drawings for a long time, and then looking confused, pronounced,” the drawing I  wanted isn’t in here! Did someone else buy it?” After thinking for a minute, I got the drawing out of the recycling bin and the young man bought it.

Out of 30 or so drawings — he wanted the one Shepherd had thrown away!

This sort of thing happens all the time!

As an artist/maker/whatever/ – you need to take pleasure in the “act of making” – itself. People might latch on to something that you’d never even thought of  as special, — while totally ignoring what you’re most proud of!

Another thing that’s helpful to remember is that people respond to passion, truth, and joy.

Photo by Katiesilvester

what that means is — if you do something with passion people can tell, If something is true people sense it, and If you do it with joy — people feel your joy!

I was at a dance party recently and one guy was an extremely awkward dancer, but he was having so much fun that it made everyone else feel more free.

I know what it’s like to feel crippled by fear and self-doubt, but at the end of the day  -I am too passionate to give a fuck!

I am dancing– I am on the stage– I am calling you out! Get your ass up, and come dance with me!


About rosebeerhorst

My name is Rose Beerhorst I'm 20, I love working with my hands whether that means crafting, gardening, or cooking. I've always dreamed a little too big for my own good!

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  1. Thank you—just what I needed to hear! Lots of wisdom in your young mind and soul.
    Also—a chnage of subject—have you considered making a pdf pattern for your bowls and rugs to sell in you Etsy shop? I think it would be an excellent seller. LOVE your rugs. And your dolls, etc. etc.

  2. i have been worrying on this topic all weekend. i appreciate your words so much and will share them with others.

  3. Love the phrase “the act of making”. Good post Rose.

  4. Rose, I ran into your blog from seeing your photos on I believe emma lamb’s now closed flickr group granny chic and I’m so glad that I did. I enjoy your posts and worldview so much. Thank you.


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