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A Dozen Stupid//Fun Things to When Your Bored…

Photo by Jaime Kristen

1. Play basketball with your friends or some other game that you’re all equally bad at.

Photo by indisposable

2.Find a forgotten corner of your neighborhood and spend some time there.

Photo by melt brianna

3. Sew something out of  your scrap fabric and then wear it.

4. Start dancing to keep from crying.

Photo by Me

5.Bake cookies and sell them door-to-door

(This really works. Be brave, bring a friend).

Photo by escapistbynature

6. Build a fort in the woods with old branches, then throw a party in it and/or have a photo shoot.

Photo by Me

7. Have a swing-jumping contest (wear comfy shoes).

photo by highwaychildnyc

8. Get an old book and a black marker, black out all but a few words to create a new sentence.

Photo by Shelby Bryant

9. Go fishing. Catch a fish, then clean and eat it.

Photo by Maximum RABBIT designs

10. Replace all the buttons on your favorite sweater with prettier ones.

Photo by Me

11. Make your own self-love crown.

Photo from

12. Buy some religious candles and cover the saints with your own personal heroes.


About rosebeerhorst

My name is Rose Beerhorst I'm 20, I love working with my hands whether that means crafting, gardening, or cooking. I've always dreamed a little too big for my own good!

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  1. Marjorie Edwards

    Rose, I love reading your stuff but your spelling and grammar do not make me a fan of your “unschooled” background. Next time “your board” go read “Eats shoots and leaves” and learn that what you should have written is “you’re bored”!!

    • I rarely leave comments, but this needed to be addressed. Marjorie and Deanna I wish to give you the benefit of the doubt. I would like to imagine that when you were writing these comments you heard yourself saying,

      “Hey Rose you are a really talented girl and I love to hear and see what amazing things you are thinking about and creating on a regular basis! Oh! Just to let you know you mixed up bored with board! Can’t wait to read more of your blog and have a great day!”

      Unfortunately, I think you intended the preachy, snarky, and bullying tone that you used.

      Deanna, you “wish” for Rose to work on her grammar to communicate her thoughts, feelings and opinions. As one would wish that you and Marjorie would learn the “basic elementary school” training on kindness and respect to another.

      Marjorie next time YOU’RE bored you might want to stop yourself before you get on another human beings blog and publicly try to take them to the “grammar shed” and beat them. Maybe pause, reflect, meditate and then put the computer down and don’t hit the comment button. Marjorie I am not a “fan” of your fine education that has taught you to lurk onto others blogs and be condescending and rude.

      Look ladies Rose can fix this board and bored thing in half and second, but how long is it going to take for you two to unravel the mystery of why you would have written this in the first place. Not to mention how others experience you.

      Rose, sorry for ranting on your blog. Shake off the board and bored thing.

  2. Thank you. I also wish Rose would take the time to learn the difference between to and too, your and you’re, and there, their and they’re. To better communicate her thoughts, feelings and opinions, she needs to at least learn basic elementary school spelling and grammar. Since I consider myself to be just average in spelling and grammar, I do not wish to be hurtful only helpful.

  3. “I’m not a fan of your unschooled background”. Could you have gone about this correction in a less snotty way? How did you choose to educate your children and what are they writing? Rose has your eyes and mind in a grip which says a lot for the way she continues to educate her self. She is learning to write by writing and learning spelling and punctuation in the process. “Eats, shoots and leaves” sounds like it may be helpful and interesting. By the way, do you have a blog Marjorie? I can’t wait to take a peek.

  4. I just want to say that I’ve noticed that Rose’s spelling and grammar are just fine in her more serious posts. Sometimes people don’t obsess over these things when writing just for fun. Besides, we shouldn’t judge intelligence based on spelling and grammar and how well you can follow rules and jump through hoops. This girl is a brilliant craft-maker! She is a genius at that, and it seems to be what she loves to do, so let’s not judge her entire upbringing based on how well she uses apostrophes on her blog. I personally think unschooling is a great idea! It encourages people to learn what they actually WANT to learn! Kids would WANT to learn so much more if they had the option to choose what they were learning!
    As a side note: “eats, shoots and leaves” is the punchline to my sister’s favorite joke! A panda walks into a bar, orders a meal, eats it… then shoots someone and leaves. It comes back later and when people ask why it did what it did, it tells them to look up “panda” in a dictionary. They check, and under “panda” it says “eats shoots and leaves”. Obviously referring to the diet of panda bears, but now I’m ruining the joke through over-explaining:)

  5. I whole-heartedly agree with Bellamy. Communication transcends grammar and spelling and is deeper than language. If I’m going to spend the time reading someone’s blog it’s because I know I’m going to walk away from it having learned a little something more about the life and mind of the writer. The last thing on my mind is if “who” should have been used instead of “whom”, “its” or “it’s”, “your” or “you’re”- the writer of a blog has put themselves out there for anyone to read and is being honest with themselves and with their readers. That’s brave. All of our responses are not. We think our opinions matter, but they don’t. We think our advice is “helpful, not hurtful”, but it’s neither- at least it ought not to be. Because this is ROSE’S blog, so she gets to make her own rules. Nobody but her can decide ultimately what she “needs” to do.
    I’m sure it feels really good to know that people read your blog, when people come up beside you and express interest in your life and want to be a part of it in some tiny way. And as readers it must feel nice to have an avenue for connecting to people we may or may not know very well- but I guess my final thought is this: remember that you really don’t know your blog writers very well despite whatever level of devotion you display to them, and there’s little in life that is taken with more scorn than advice from a stranger- especially those who don’t hesitate to criticize your up-bringing.

  6. I know I am Rose’s Dad (and almost flunked my freshman English course) and not at all objective, but I love, love, love her blog. I always feel inspired when I stop by here. I always come away with something to think about and today is no exception. I guess we all have things we can work on but I would hope that we will also not allow ourselves to be held back out of fear of making a mistake or breaking a rule. There is so much power in just picking up with what you have and moving forward one more day. Rock on Rose!

  7. I really enjoy reading Rose’s blog. And I advocate going back through the blog and replacing all instances of “to/two/too”, “their/they’re/there”, “your/you’re” with the WRONG one. It’s your blog, Rose; make up words and their spelling if you want to. Privately, those comments would be decent feedback; publicly in comments, they’re just snarky nitpicking and they come off as jealous. Tom Waits once said “Writing/recording a song is like building a table with three legs. You want it to stand on its own, but know that if you put your weight on it, it’s going to fall over.” Which is to say in this context: content, not delivery, is the message. As a musician and photographer I suffer this conversation all the time. I have found that people primarily concerned with HOW something is executed, and with what tools, rarely have anything to say themselves. Carry on Rose. And as you do, spell as you see fit. I will be reading.

  8. Jennifer Edwards

    Something I love about homeschooling is that families are free to focus on the areas that are important to them. Some families are more “wordy” and enjoy syntax, grammar and language. Others, like the Beerhorsts, are more visual and hands-on. Isn’t that the idea behind all of this talk about diversity? If Rose really begins to care about the difference between board and bored, she’ll know what to do to learn it! She’ll know which families/ people/ library books could help her learn and she will. How awesome is that!
    Also, I think it’s fun to read copies of writing from the earlier part of our country’s history because you see people spelled however they felt like!

  9. I enjoy Rose’s blog a lot. I think she is talented and has a lot of good ideas. I always have something to think about after I read it. I think the two people criticizing her spelling and grammar were being very rude and nitpicky. As someone else said, it also comes off as a bit jealous. If I were a young blogger and someone said that to me, I would have been hurt, self-conscious and afraid to keep writing. I really hope that doesn’t happen to Rose. It has happened to me in the past.

    I would like to give Marjorie and Deanna the benefit of the doubt. I would like to think they were trying to be helpful and it came off wrong. But I suspect they didn’t want to help Rose at all. To me, it looks like they only wanted to put her down and criticize her under the guise of “only trying to help.” As my mom likes to say, some people can only feel good about themselves by putting others down. I suspect some of that sentiment too. If wanted to correct someone’s spelling or grammar errors I would only do it if the writer asked me to. Then, I would send the corrections in a private message that also pointed out what the writer did well. Rose could learn there, their, they’re in a few minutes. It could take years for those two people to learn some basic kindness and tact.

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  11. Haters gonna hate! Ignore the haters, Rose, you are an inspiration to many and I love your blog! One day you will write an important book – I can sense it – and then you will look back on this trivial nonsense people hassled you about and laugh. x Helen

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