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I’m Turning 20 on february 27. I lot has happened between 19 and 20!

Here are some of the highlights

I Started blogging.

I created the ArtPrize project PatchWork along with my good friend Rosie R.

I ran all the way to and around reeds lake. (5.2 miles).

Photo by Cmu Chem

I was in Craftsanity magazine.

I Moved out of my parents house and moved into the Hen House with my friends .

Photo by pearl beerhorst

I helped teach Grace and Rain to read.

Photo by Pearl Beerhorst

I made 6 by 6 foot rag rug.

I started an all girls longboarding gang. (More on that later)

illustration by Fiberopticunicorns 

My family and I were featured in an Etsy video

I’m kind of freaking out about not being a teenager any more. When was the first time you really felt like a “grown up”? and why?


About rosebeerhorst

My name is Rose Beerhorst I'm 20, I love working with my hands whether that means crafting, gardening, or cooking. I've always dreamed a little too big for my own good!

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  1. My birthday is February 27th, too! It’s very cool that you were featured in a craft magazine. I’m thinking of unschooling my future kids, and seeing all of the great things you accomplish makes me think that’s probably a pretty good choice:) Happy birthday in 19 days! I’m turning 18, so I’m not out of the teens yet but I can drink in several countries, join the military, and be charged for a felony! So, I guess that’s pretty cool…

  2. Happy almost-birthday, dear! Leaving your teens behind isn’t such a big deal, but all the things you’ve done in a year most certainly are! Congratulations on such a productive 365 days!!

    Feeling “grown up” comes and goes for me, so I don’t remember when, if ever. Does anyone ever feel like an adult?

  3. Vaya… me he sentido vieja, he tenido que hacer cosas de adultos, pero en mi interior aun me siento en construcción…. y ya van 46 años!
    Felicitaciones por todos tus logros, un abrazo!

  4. SO nice to see I’m not the only one fretting 20! I’m turning 20 in four days and have been going through fear and excitement for the past month. I think the first time I felt grown-up was receiving my drivers license at 16, the irony is that with it, I still don’t drive..

    I’ve just came across your lovely blog this morning though, you’ve had such a productive year! Can’t believe your family was featured on Etsy. Yours reminds me a lot of mine. I have two siblings, one 21 and one 25, though the three of us still work for my parents home based production company. And my parents did a lot of unschooling and some homeschooling with us over the years. We really thrive on our creativity and stick to what we know is best.

    So cool.. I’ll be back to read more!

  5. This was great to read your wrap up of the past year. You didn’t mention all those Sunday’s at the Artist Market we had. I know they were some times tough but I also really treasure all the times we have been able to work side by side. I love you and am so proud of the woman you have become and are becoming.

  6. Hi Rose,

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile, having found it through your mom’s blog, and I appreciate the way you think.

    I’m 54 now, and truthfully, I’m not sure that I ever really feel much differently inside, than I always have. I have less fear, and I have more power over my life. I think those things come with age, until a certain point. Sometimes, I have seen with very old people, that power disappears with health issues. My most “adult” times have been in regards to protecting my son as he grew, and helping my grandmother, my mom and my step-mom through cancer, until they passed on. The thing is, you have to just hold onto “yourself”. Who you are inside. Don’t let others, or age, dictate your being.


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