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Dyeing Wool Yarn With Black Beans

Rosie R cooks dry black beans about once a week. The process of cooking dry beans is soaking them in water over night, then drain the bean liquid and cook them until soft. We’ve been saving the bean liquid for drying projects it makes a lovely soft gray-blue color! It’s tricky to get any color that’s not on the warm side when dyeing naturally

Photo by Freddy65

(most of the time you’re going to get a variation of brown, orange, Green or yellow)

 Instructions  Dyeing With Black Beans

1. Take dry black beans and soak them in water over night.

2. Strain out the beans from the liquid and set aside.

 3. Mordent your yarn (I soaked mine in an aluminum pot over night).

4. Take the still wet yarn and put it in a glass jar with the black bean liquid.

5. Place jar in a sunny place.

6. When the yarn is fully dyed the water in the jar should look almost clear When this is true carefully remove yarn from jar and rinse in luke-warm water then hang to dry!


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My name is Rose Beerhorst I'm 20, I love working with my hands whether that means crafting, gardening, or cooking. I've always dreamed a little too big for my own good!

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  1. Bean-Brains for LIFE!

  2. This is fantastic and so helpful, thanks.


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