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I am so inspired  right now! All I want to do is make rugs. I’m running low on T-shirt fabric and need to find a cheaper source for old shirts (any suggestions?). I’ve been living In my new house for over a week and  its coming along. I will post pics of it soon! It was unseasonably warm the last couple days and I spent most of my time down town at my AP Venue. ArtPrize is over today and I had a really good experience this year but the top 10 was the most disappointing ever in my opinion…

The girl in the photo is of one of my house mates Marlee posing on my newest rug ♥

In my Shop!


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My name is Rose Beerhorst I'm 20, I love working with my hands whether that means crafting, gardening, or cooking. I've always dreamed a little too big for my own good!

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  1. What about an ad on FreeCycle asking for old t-shirts for crafts? I’ve found alot of stuff that way. Here’s the link – you have to sign up according to where you live:

  2. Is it possible to learn how to make a rug like that? I’d like instructions! Thanks.

  3. Hey Rose – I’m a ‘friend’ of yours on flickr and love your photos over there. (You said hi to me once before about liking my ‘favourites’…:) )

    Anyway, I was very excited to see you are blogging and am loving your blog!

    I just started blogging again, too. Here is my new blog:

    Regarding the t-shirts, you could perhaps ask at the thrift stores for their ‘rejected’ t-shirts from when they are sorting donations. I know if shirts have stains they often throw them into the ‘rags’ pile…but I’m guessing you could cut around the stains, right?

    You could also put notices up on community noticeboards asking for people’s old shirts, if you stress that it doesn’t matter if they are stained, you will probably get a heap!

    Where I live, we have a Art Recycling Centre – do you have one of those in Grand Rapids? There is always heaps of stretch fabric at our one and they take small donations for it, much less than you’d pay at a thrift store.

    You could also talk to the workers at your local landfill station – tell them what you’re after, and if they are kind, they might start putting stuff aside for you as it comes in. Most landfill workers hate to see good stuff chucked in a hole in the ground!

    Anyway – hope the new house is going great.

    Cheers, Helen


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